Saturday, July 23, 2011

An Unfinished Story...9

Time was running faster, and she was trying harder. My training had started; my every morning was starting with a sweet message from her, every break in the day started with a message to her. Mostly I can manage to complete my work till 5 or 5:30 daily. After 5 I was having only one thing to do, chatting with her though messages in hostel room. Those days I was sharing myself with her completely, even a single thought related to studies, place, trainers, other trainees, movies, test results or anything.
My first step outside from my training comes with a message to her. Now I was addicted to her, she was used to be the first person in this world after me who knew about my any test result either big or small. I was not only become habitual with this, even my near friends were also expecting the same thing.
In between she got a job. It was a great, most awaited and precisely most soothing news for me. This was great news and obviously it was going to affect few things like life, other plans, thoughts, level of confidence, and may be attitude.

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