Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Unfinished Story...8

I came to my home, having few days only to spend with my family, before joining my first job. I was busy enough to do a lot of things to prepare for my joining but how can I forget to meet her before going anywhere else. I managed anyhow to visit her place. I reached there; I was staying in my friend’s home. I call her to meet but that time unfortunately she was not able to manage to meet me.

Now I was helpless and blood less, my mind was again stooped working, I was sad enough but I couldn’t blame her. She hadn’t told me any reason but I could understand. That time also she was jobless; it was not the reason that she couldn’t meet me because she couldn’t face me. She knows me very well but may be the reason was, in this hard time she was not able to manage this.
Now I knew that I was going for a long time, away from my family, from her, from my place. It was a hard time for me, harder, that I was not able to meet her.
The day arrived to leave; I didn’t want to go without meeting her.  But I didn’t know how to fulfill my wish. Now the only one thing is wondering in my head that:
काश मैं उस से उसी समय मिल लिया होता, काश but when time stops for anyone?

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