Monday, July 25, 2011

An Unfinished Story...10

Time was smoothly moving. I was not able to imagine my life without her, I mean without talking to her. One day I called her, might be it was about one month after starting my training I called her, because in those days I never felt that I need to call her to share something with her. We almost spend whole day messaging one another. And then she reminded me this thing.
I forget to tell you that my every morning was started with a sweet message from her; my day was went with sharing everything with her and my night was started with a fight with her. Those days were quite beautiful, I was in a beautiful place, living in a beautiful room, and most importantly I was having beautiful things in my mind specially thoughts of her.
Those days we shared everything like today evening she will go to visit her aunt, last day she fought with her mom, tomorrow she will go to shop and everything. But today I was not even aware of that when she had shifted from one Metro City to Another.
Time can change everything…

I know it is not finished yet, but you can not blame me, as I wrote the title of the story itself as an unfinished story.

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