Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Unfinished Story...7

           It was time to finish our graduation; I was in hurry to finish that. It was long four years. Only negative point was she was not having any job in her hand and it was equally hurting me because she was the only person in my dear ones who was not having any job. She was smart enough to crack any interview and technically she was sound also. But It happens sometimes with every one of us when things not working properly. May be time was wrong for her, in my view that can be the only reason. Any undergraduate person including me can understand the mental condition of that person, who is not having any plan for further studies, and then don’t have any job also. It was hard time for her; I tried fairly at my best to be with her to overcome this condition. Once I have seen her crying also, and the problem was I can’t be with her because she already surrounded by her friends. It was the hardest time I have ever faced in my graduation time. I was helpless again, I was not able to do anything for her.

           Now finally the day arrives, the last day of my college. I should be happy but I was not, may be because of distance between us was going to increase from 10-15 kms to 90-100 kms. She asked me to come again to meet her, and I wanted to, I honestly tried also but somehow, I was not able to make it happen. I planned to visit her after few days, because I thought I have a lot of reasons to tell my parents to visit her place 100 kms away. Hence distance was not a matter, I took it little lightly.

           Later I realized that I must not take it lightly, I should meet her anyhow.

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