Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Unfinished Story...6

                                                                            An Unfinished Story...1
          Complete semester came to end and I had not seen her after training. In between I got placed in a software company. Many times I planned to visit her but every time I got some trouble. Now I could not control my desire to see that divine face of my dream girl. One day in Jan I reached her hostel.
Recently I had visited my home, and I was having some homemade my favorite sweets with me like my every visit. My sweet mother always prepares some sweets for me. I did not forget to bring one box, full of sweets for her, and that was my most favorite one.
          She was surprised enough to see me there, she was quite happy. After seeing that box she forgot about me and quickly she took that box from me. She returned to her room to keep that box. I was just staring her to confirm that she was looking more pretty and beautiful than training. Her glowing cheeks were looking just awesome. I was there at about 11 before noon; hence we planned to have lunch together. We left her hostel and started walking and talking. She was having unlimited things to talk about and I was not having a single second to see something else. She was busy in talking and I was busy in doing something else.
          We visited nearest multiplex then found a nice restaurant. That was again a great lunch, by taste and precisely by companion. Then we visited another sweet friend of mine. We enjoyed enough those times. Then we returned to her hostel. Then we spent about more than two hours just doing "Bakwas" in her college, but that "Bakwas" including one fight was the one of the sweetest conversations of my life. And we cannot forget that fight, which was not normal one, which was as serious as she picked a stone for me.
That time I found that clock was running faster compare to other days; hence clock ordered me to left her as completion of that wonderful day. We departed with my heavy heart, cannot say about her. But I knew that she wanted me, according to her as a friend only.

        From that time I had started hating this word "just friend", it came between us and I was helpless, as I could not remove that word from dictionary.
                                                                  Continued ...

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