Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Unfinished Story...5

                                                                            An Unfinished Story...1
             We talk about more than 40 mins and this was the first time I talked with a girl for such a huge duration. We talked about our training days, we reminded our golden days. She was also missing those days like me. I asked her that why she had not tell me about her boyfriend. She said with her great innocence "तुम तो बस मुझे line मार रहे थे, हम तो बस friendship कर रहे थे ना?" Then a large silence, she was right I was just interested in her only for friendship. I was having no reply for this. I was blank again. Again I hear her sweet innocent voice "I am Sorry, मुझे बता देना चाहिए था।" then with little anger "तुम last में मज़ाक-मज़ाक मे इतना serious क्यूँ हो गये थे?" I found a little drop of water in my right eye, I was blank, how could I describe this to her, why I got serious? Why that little truth was hurting me? I just said her "Bye, बाद में बात करतें हैं।".
           Our conversation gave me an unexpected happiness, and I found again clock had changed its speed and came to normal speed. Occasionally we started talking, often weekly. We started sharing a lot of things of our life with each other. We fight many times over stupid things, and the rule was one could not ignore other's call regardless how much one angry with other and one cannot stop the call without getting bye from other person.

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