Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Unfinished Story...4

                                                                            An Unfinished Story...1

            We returned to our colleges for completion of our so called engineering. Time had started moving slowly, yeah I found that it was slower really compare to previous three years. How could time change his speed, not practical na, may be that was my feeling only. One month passed I haven't called her yet just waiting for her call to know whether I got any place in her heart or not, whether she was still interested in me or not. I knew that she was my need but how could I attempt to destroy her world which was already settled with her boyfriend. How could I make her sad? How could I get her in trouble in anyway? May be she was not interested in me anymore so how could I disturb her?

             I started spending my life just keeping her safely in my heart. I was in hurry to finish my graduation but I found that this clock became slower and slower. These were the last days of August when I got her name blinking in my phone, my heart started jumping, and my hand having my cell, was shivering. I just forgot to get her call for few moments; vibration of my cell reminded me that I have a call from someone special.


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