Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Unfinished Story... 3

                                                                            An Unfinished Story...1

                Our time was going on and on, now those days were the last days for completion of my training project. We were in the same team. That time a college friend of mine asked me वो girlfriend है तुम्हारी?”  I said “Why are you asking?” He replied actually वो किसी और की girlfriend है.” That was a normal cool statement, but it shocked me. Don’t know why, I have not started this keeping in mind more than friendship, then why it was hurting me? I was not able to sleep for a second at that night, I spent whole night just thinking about her. That was the first night of my life I spent over thinking about a girl. She was obviously not most beautiful girl there. But why only she had captured my attention. Why she had not told me about her boyfriend? Why this was hurting me so much? Why I was restless? Why I was not able to take it normally? Yeah it’s true both of those were the sweetest friends I have ever got.

              Now only two days were remaining for our training and those were the toughest days of my life. I spent somehow and last day we all three went for a lunch together. After having a nice lunch we departed with promises that we will be in touch. Now I with our third friend Nanu was walking few minutes to get auto rickshaw, I don’t how she understood about my deep desire, said मिल जाएगी यार उससे अच्छी मिल जाएगीdon’t worry. Without minding this how she knew it, I just replied नही चाहिये यारनही चाहिये इससे अच्छीमुझे तो बस यही चाहिये.”

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