Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Unfinished Story... 2

                                                                            An Unfinished Story...1

              She was sitting three rows in front of me in my facing direction. I had completed my assignment early since I was already well aware of Core Java. I was thinking to approach her, but I was blank how should I start. Somehow I reached near her seat she was busy in doing her assignments, bending towards her I murmured "May I help you?" She looked at me and nodded her head, assuming it a positive response I pulled a chair near her and started looking to her monitor seriously to find out what she were trying to do. I heard a sound of her, like "मैंने कर लिया है". What was that, I again blanked without knowing anything what I should do now, I was about to return by saying "Okk Then". Then she said with great innocence ..."अच्छा next program देख लो"डूबने बाले को क्या चहियेएक तिनका हि ना" That sentence was that तिनका for me. This was the second day of my industrial training and first day of my friendship with her.

                Next day she was already there when I reached, having one seat left in both sides. I directly went there and ask that May I sit here and before getting any answer I sat there. That was the seat for her friend (that another girl).But after she booked other side of seat for her. Now chatting is started...

                   I actually started loving her presence with me. I got friendship with her friend as well. Now we three were like an entity, every time and everywhere we were together. I usually went early to training center and eagerly started waiting for her. Once or twice I said to her to come early but she was not able to wake up early. But time in Training Center now became more valuable than time I spent in home. I started trying daily to extend that time with her. Every day I came early in the hope may be she was there. That was my routine.

                One day in tea break we were going towards canteen. During talks I said मैं तुम्हें बहुत line मारता हूँ ना?” Now she was blank with question marks & a cute smile in her face. अरे पूरा training center जनता हैनही तो नानू(Fake Name) से पूछ लो I said pointing towards her friend now our common friend. She replied diplomatically “I don’t Know”. Now we finished with a great laugh. Actually we all were enjoying company of each other. Those were the unforgettable golden two months of my life. We all were very happy and this was also not affecting our training. We were sincere in class rooms and labs, in between we did all fun.


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