Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Unfinished Story... 1

NOTE: इस कहानी के सभी पात्र एवं घटनाएँ काल्प्निक हैं, यदि इनकी किसी व्यक्ति या घटना से कोई समानता होती है तो इसे मात्र एक संयोग कहा जायेगा।

            After 3 years I return to Kanpur the historical city, not for visiting some place, not to see any person, actually I need to attend my Btech Industrial training of J2EE. My father managed somewhere to stay for two months. This was the first day, I reached my training center, and I found some of my college friends there, waving hands with them we start asking about classrooms and about training they opted. Finally I reached my class room having two of my college friends with me. Now topic changed from training to girls. I was thinking about to find a girl for me. This time I was serious to try myself to get a girl not for love only for friendship. That time I was having no trust in love type thing. That day I found it’s a great opportunity to find a girl for me; there are no many known people to tease me. First day gone ... this was related to core java.

              Second day, I was thinking about first day's thought. I was in the class room, people were coming, it was still 4-5 minutes to start the class. There are already a bunch of smart girls are there but I was not interested in them at all. I was just watching every person entering the class room. Then our instructor arrived, everyone started to get settled. That the moment I found 2 girls entering in the class, one of them got my eyes and what the hell was happened with my eyes, they were not ready to leave her for single second. Class had started; luckily I was sitting in second row's rightmost seat from where I can see instructor as well as that girl with a little turn of my neck. I was so happy, so excited, and so eager to see her. Having an innocent face with fair color she looked like the cutest girl I have ever seen in my life. Her beautiful eyes, a sweet nice smile on her face, bearing a decent Indian outfit and her biting of nail of her thumb make her just sweetheart. I was silently started see her repeatedly. Just after few minutes she noticed me & tried to sit being more careful. But I continued gently, I was not staring her continuously, I was trying to get a gentle look of her most of times during class. During this I found a glimpse of bigger smile in her face, I don't know the reason may be because of me or may be because of other girl with whom she was talking. But that glimpse made me happier and more confident. Now it was time to get lab sessions, we left our class for lab.

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