Thursday, May 19, 2011

Loneliness in Life

             Sometimes few things become part of your life like any person, any building, any instrument, any relation and sometimes any feeling, sometimes you gets habitual of those things having positive or negative influence on you and you have to carry on with them.

Loneliness, Emptiness

                Actually I have learnt to live alone, walk alone. Now this loneliness and this emptiness is my companion. Sometimes I get bored with this, it is completely silent, it never answers my questions, it never gives me suggestions, I have to get my answers and I have to reach on my decisions alone. I shared everything of my heart with this, how selfish it is, it never responds me even never utters a single word about itself.

                Yeah it is also true, it never asks me for anything, it has no doubts, no questions and it never misunderstands me. Its quite comfortable to have it as a part of life, it not hurts me anymore because now I get quite habitual with this.

                 But there is something missing, and I do not know this Something as well as I do not know why and from where it is missing. Having all these benefits why still I am feeling lonely ... ??? Why I am alone ? 

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