Monday, April 18, 2011


Everything which is hundred percent free does not have any value for people.
                                                                      -- With reference to the story : By Sudha Murty

         Some days before I was reading a novel named 'The Old Man & His God': a collection of few short stories by Sudha Murty. In that novel I got a story with the same name as our topic. She had written about two incidents of her life in that story with conclusion that anything which is hundred percent free for someone has value nothing. While reading that story I reminded one incident that happen to me in a Sunday during my Infosys training days.
          I was watching TV in my room with a cup of coffee, of course made by myself. I heard a knock at my door , I just responded with 'coming' and started the process to get open the door. I was thinking it may possible there is my new friend from south come for getting some help in C language.During this I heard the sound of opening my door from outside, I got there must be housekeeping boy who can open my room. I rolled back the process of opening the door in order to get back myself in my comfort zone. He came in and after exchanging a smile with hello he started his daily work. After completion he again turned to me for getting permission for leave. I turned to him with thank you , then get back to my focus on TV screen. I was assuming that he would leave now, just after 2-3 seconds I realized that I was wrong he is still there. I turned to him with thought might he want to share something to me. As he got my attention he started to convince me that he need some 200 bucks with promise that he would return it to me when he would get his salary.
At that time I have some money in my pocket, I smiled and got a 500 bucks note for him as I had not had change of that. He expressed his gratitude and left the room. After few minutes he was again in front of me with 300 bucks, That is quite good to see him again , but I was not thinking about this ,so I surprised a little. I asked him have all of the money if he needed that. Now he looked more happy to me. He thanked me again and leave the room.

In the very next day , evening I read that story from that novel. It recalled last day event to me , it may possible or I believe it would be that the boy will not degrade the value of money from his mind as he got it for free at his need.

But I was thinking I should not give him the extra money, just giving 200 was enough for him since I believe in that 'One must learn from one's experiences for getting progress in life as well as one should learn from others experiences for getting some speed in order to progress'.

Finally Sudha was right. How that smart lady can be wrong.Now I realise that  it was my fault.

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