Monday, April 18, 2011

Does u know the meaning of Independence ?

Hamara Tiranga

                How the Topic is ? Everyone knows yaar. But i forgot the meaning of independence only on that particular day itself which is just the DAY OF OUR INDEPENDENCE.
        I am talking about last 15th of august of 2010. I was thinking that this was just a normal Sunday , for the rest and entertainment only. After leaving bed at late morning, I was planning to visit somewhere with friends. I even didn't try to get the speech of our Honorable Prime Minister.
        I could remember the days of my school & college. In these national functions, I usually was one of operational students of my school as the commander of my NCC troupe. In festival days I was the second most important student for handling them successfully.
        But last independence day I spent like a normal Sunday. I really hate myself when thinking about this irresponsible behavior towards my country, towards the people who fought for us. I was well aware of this that Mysore campus was organizing the function with drill of security guards and sweets distribution. I could attend that function at-least, but I didn't.

         I am sorry for my ill behavior, I can't say anything about the people who not attended any function anywhere, since i had not. But I just want to say the same thing to them.We must have to think about this, how can we forget the value of this gift of freedom.

Note : It does mean that the only thing we can do for our country.

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